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Bar Buzz Kill

Reduces the fatigue, cramps, and discomfort in fingers, wrists and arms.  Ride longer in comfort!

   Kill the Buzz! 

"The Bar Buzz Kill is awesome, it really seems to stop me from getting arm pump."
 - Bradley Ward

Bar Buzz Kill is a synthetic gel combined with energy absorbing particles. It is engineered to help reduce handle bar vibration created by both engine and road. By reducing vibration in your handle bars, Bar Buzz Kill can reduce Bar Buzz,  the numbing sensation that develops in the hands, wrist, and arms of motor cycle drivers.
Bar Buzz Kill has been tested in the laboratory as well as by professional motor cross and on road drivers.
Bar Buzz Kill  can be used on any existing hollow handle bar system and is much less expensive than purchasing a “low vibration”  handle bar.
Bar Buzz Kill is easy to install with basic tools and a traditional caulking gun. Everything you need, including instructions and the installation tube, is in the kit.
Want to reduce the fatigue and discomfort of your fingers, wrist, and forearms on long rides?  Try Bar Buzz Kill.


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